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Does Garlic Prevent Hair Loss?

Does Garlic Prevent Hair Loss
Does Garlic Prevent Hair Loss

Does Garlic Prevent Hair Loss? Garlic prevents hair loss. It has been known for hundreds of years that garlic is very good for hair. It is also known that garlic is very beneficial for nails, skin and nerves. Garlic, which contains many vitamins such as vitamin E, protects the body against many diseases or provides rapid recovery from the disease. Today, in researches on garlic, it has been seen that garlic grows new hair, accelerates hair growth, darkens the hair, makes it thicker and nourishes it seriously. For this reason, garlic-based shampoos or products seen in the markets have increased for hair care.

The minerals and compounds that our hair needs are found in abundance in a garlic. It is known that especially sulfur and zinc are very good for diseases such as fungus and ringworm. And these two substances are also found in garlic. Selenium element and other vitamins, which are among the additional substances in garlic, provide nutrition and healthy growth of the hair. Vitamins and minerals are also very important for hair health.

Garlic and Hair Loss

Garlic hair cure is both easy to apply and for many purposes. It is known that this hair cure is good for the disease known as ringworm among the people. Garlic cure causes the hair to gain vitality, thickening, thickening and strengthening. Therefore, hair loss is prevented. It prevents breakage and breakage at the ends of the hair. In addition, due to these effects, there is also the oil of garlic.

How to Apply Garlic for Hair Loss?

3-4 garlics are taken and crushed in a bowl and then mixed with a few drops of milk. This mixture is applied and spread by massaging the hair roots. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, it is washed off. This practice is definitely not done every day. This application is also good for dandruff in the hair like all other problems. It is applied three or four times a week. Black seed oil or argan oil is also used to support this application. These two oils are applied by massaging the hair and are known to be good.

In addition, black cumin prevents hair loss as well as graying of hair. Garlic can also be used alone for hair, but in some cases it can cause itching or rashes for people with sensitive skin.