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Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey
Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

is Turkey safe Eyebrow Transplant Turkey? Eyebrow loss creates a serious visual problem for the person. Eyebrows frame the eyes and make the facial expression prominent. The solution is to have an eyebrow transplant. When talking to people face to face, the eyes of the person in front of us are caught by the sparseness of our eyebrows.

Even if this is not so, the feeling of the person with eyebrow sparseness is in this direction. Filling the sparseness in the eyebrows with the help of eyebrow pencils is one of the solutions to save the moment. The pencil on the eyebrow that comes into contact with any liquid will both flow and leave a bad appearance. Another solution to cover eyebrow losses is tattooing, which is called permanent make-up. Although this method closes the eyebrow sparseness, the image formed after the application remains artificial. Eyebrow transplantation is the most effective method that can be permanently and almost completely corrected.

It has also been a solution to eyebrow losses caused by reasons such as burns and injuries. This operation can be applied to anyone who has a few spills. It is important what kind of eyebrow the person wants. In order to obtain a natural appearance, the thickness and thinness of the eyebrow should be suitable for the previous eyebrow and hair structure of the person. Eyebrow transplantation is performed with the FUE technique, which is also used in hair transplantation. This procedure is painless as it is performed with local anesthesia. Eyebrow transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the donor area of ​​the person (the nape between the two ears) with the help of micro motors to areas with eyebrow loss.

The difference between hair transplantation and hair transplantation is that while the hair on the head grows in one direction, the direction of the eyebrows changes. For this reason, the eyebrows rise at a right angle near the nose, while they come out at an angle of 40-45 degrees with the forehead as they approach the ears. Therefore, the angle of the planted roots should be carefully prepared. The transplant operation takes 1-2 hours. Then the patient can return to his daily life after the operation. There may be crusting and redness in the transplanted area, but such problems disappear completely within a few weeks. 3-6 months after the operation, the eyebrows regain their natural state. Eyebrow Transplant Turkey.

Causes of Eyebrow Loss

  • The destruction of eyebrow roots as a result of physical trauma (accident), burns.
  • As a result of developmental disorders and genetic health problems. The person undergoing chemotherapy and surgical operations.
  • It is due to the fact that people who take their eyebrows break it while taking it.
  • Pulling and scratching of eyebrows that become obsessive in people.
  • The loss of the chemical substances used in permanent make-up by weakening the eyebrow roots.
  • Infections in the eyebrow area as a result of health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Transplantation

  • Who is eyebrow transplantation for?
    It is applied to people who experience eyebrow loss, have thin eyebrow structure and are not satisfied with their eyebrow shape.
  • How to decide on the shape of the eyebrow to be made?
    With the request and approval of the person, the appropriate eyebrow shape is decided by our specialist doctor.
  • Is eyebrow transplantation permanent?
    The hairs that grow after sowing show the permanence that continues to grow for a lifetime.
  • What happens after eyebrow transplantation? In the first two weeks after the operation, redness and regional crusting are seen. Later, these redness and crusting disappear after 1 week without leaving any traces.
  • Where are the roots taken for eyebrow transplantation? As in the hair transplantation process, the roots are taken from the donor area in the eyebrow transplantation performed with the FUE technique.

Our company also performs beard transplantation with the FUE method.