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Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

Side Effects Of Hair Transplant
Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

Let’s give information about the side effects of hair transplantation. Our purpose in providing information is not to cause concern. But knowing some things is very important for the success of the operation. Some side effects are seen as a result of the operations performed by a specialist surgeon and generally with cheap costs and within the figures told to you.

What are the side effects of hair transplantation?

Such mistakes can sometimes be made because health is in the first place for everyone and the longevity of the transplanted hair is generally in the clear expectation. Let me tell you about a few side effects right away. For example, if the hair follicles remain on the skin, it causes the formation of bubbles. The fact that the hair is not planted from a wrong and correct angle affects its growth in the wrong direction. Damage to hair follicles during transplantation affects the increase in hair loss.

If the surgeon cannot use the fut technique efficiently, it causes loss of sensation, even in rare cases. Likewise, the application of the Fut technique by non-skilled hands triggers the occurrence of some wounds. Conditions such as leaving the open wound after the transplantation without cleaning or getting infected afterwards may occur. But it is worth mentioning again. Our institution, which is licensed by the Ministry of Health, has been performing hair transplant surgery in this area for years, and the incidence of such cases is very low. You can get all the necessary information from our team.

Are there any side effects of FUE hair transplantation?

One of the two methods used in the field of hair transplantation in today’s technology is Fue. Although the other method is used less frequently, we think it would be beneficial to hear its name again. The other technique is called the Fut method. In addition, one of the advantageous points in FUE hair transplantation is the way the hair follicles are taken. Taking Fut together with the skin and not having it in Fue are among the most distinctive methods. Meeting the patient’s expectations from the most realistic perspective and completing 1000s of hair in just a few hours of operation today is important and preferred by many people in Fue. It is just a few of the many positive aspects such as preventing the formation of permanent scars and accepting the hair follicle in the area to be transplanted by the body in a short time.


We gave information about the side effects of hair transplantation. We hope it was useful. Our company makes best hair transplantation in Antalya. In addition, we do beard, mustache, eyelash and eyebrow transplantation. Side Effects Of Hair Transplant.