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Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant
Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

Let’s give information about the reputation of hair transplantation. Although hair transplantation may seem like a simple procedure, it is a procedure that should be seriously considered. You must complete the required procedures in these educational institutions that decide to take this training. Below, there will be no hair transplant care.

Fue Hair Transplant Before and After

  • Hair transplantation is a procedure that does not fully affect the daily life of people. For this reason, people get up the next day. However, it takes 10 days for them to start their work exactly.
  • Itchy wounds and swelling are seen in most people after hair transplantation. In such cases, the patient should consult the doctor who performed the operation. This is absolutely necessary to clean the wounds. If the person does not care about these wounds as natural or tries to clean them by himself, it can cause the wounds to grow. It causes the operation to fail.
  • After the operation, people should definitely not be in very dusty environments. If he works in this kind of work, he must take at least 10 days off. It should definitely stay away from dust and dirt. Otherwise, it causes the transplanted area to become infected and the wounds heal later.
  • Sudden bending and standing of the transplanted patient after hair transplantation causes problems. Too much sunlight is also extremely harmful. Any sudden movements should be avoided during this period.
  • After the procedure, the use of hats, berets, crowns, bandanas, and hats and berets for women is prohibited before full recovery is achieved. After sowing, the head should not be tilted forward for at least 2 days in order to avoid swelling in the forehead and head area due to the operation. This will balance the blood flow and prevent swelling of the application area.
  • After hair transplantation, people who are treated should only lie on their back for 1 month. Otherwise, unilateral swelling occurs due to blood pressure in the side-lying position.
  • In order for the hair to grow in a short time after the procedure, the patient should pay attention to his nutrition. It is also very important to give importance to the proper order and healthy nutrition.
  • Newly grown hair after hair transplantation should be shortened only with scissors for the first 3 months. Afterwards, normal hair should be cut like shaving.

As a result

After the application, attention should be paid to the above-mentioned items. In this way, an extremely step will be taken for both the patient’s own health and the efficiency of the application. It is very important to know the process well and to decide accordingly. We gave information about what to do after hair transplantation. We hope it has been useful.